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SK’s Top Ten List of Ways to Maximize Your Time at the 2010 Seattle Wedding Show

Your time is precious. And yet you want all the elements of your wedding to be spectacular. Check out these quick tips that will help you get all you need from the Show.

1. Get plenty of sleep the night before the Show.

2. Buy your tickets in advance. You can purchase them right here on the Seattle Wedding Show site under the tickets tab. While it’s great fun to chat with your girlfriends or fiancé in line, wouldn’t you rather spend your time looking at beautiful cakes, dresses or stemware?

3. Comfortable shoes and a bottle of water will be your next best friend at the Show—don’t leave home without them. After sampling a few different cake options, the water will provide not only a quick palette cleanse, but the energy to check out the next thing on your list.

4. Plan to attend the Show both days: Saturday and Sunday. The Show has such a great array of specialists and unique items to choose from that it is well worth returning on Sunday. By going back the second day, you can revisit specific wedding specialists in case you came up with additional questions overnight. Or maybe you need to bring a friend who is great at brainstorming through hard-to-reach decisions. Whatever the case may be, plan on attending both days; you will be glad that you did!

5. Arrive early.

6. Bring your business cards or print out sticker labels with your name, wedding date and contact information so you can give them to prospective wedding specialists or raffles to win special prizes. Save your hands from getting tired of writing your info at every booth by bringing these timely tools.

7. Bring your beloved, or bring someone who has a clear understanding of your wedding plans. It is easy to lose focus when there are so many great things going on around you. Be prepared to make decisions about hiring a specific specialist at the show or soon after. Many of the specialists will get reserved at the show or within a few weeks. It would be a shame to miss out on the specialist that you really want. Now is the time to put your plans in motion!

8. If you remember any of these tips, remember this one for a truly successful wedding show experience! Meet with your wedding planner or whoever is working with you to plan your wedding to come up with a “Game Plan.” Questions that will help you arrive at a Game Plan are: How far along are you with your plans? Are you starting from scratch? Are your needs more specific, such as looking for the perfect DJ, baker or florist? No matter what stage you are in, do your research by checking out the wedding specialists before coming to the Show. Establish an A-list of must-see vendors and any questions you might have for them. Once you’ve narrowed the field of specialists, find out where their booth is located. By having a Game Plan, you avoid getting lost in all the excitement and hubbub.

9. Pick up a Wedding Show guide at any of the participating wedding specialist locations. The guide is key to maximizing your time at the Show. It is filled with great information on Seattle’s Top Wedding Specialists. Team up Tip #8 with this one, and you will be in great shape for hitting all the places you’re interested in. Make copies of the floor plan located on page 57. Then use a highlighter to mark the specialists from the A-list you made in your Game Plan. Now you not only have a mental picture of what’s important to you, but you also have a visual guide to get you just where you want to be.
10. It goes without saying that THE most important tip for the Seattle Wedding Show is to have FUN! Planning for your wedding is such an incredible adventure. You learn so much about each other’s likes, dislikes, fashion, etiquette and more. You are setting the foundation for your life together as husband and wife. Always remember, the hard part is done, you have found each other!

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