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Vintage Wedding Trends

Vintage fashion will never go out of style. Fashion designers like Lanvin, Valentino and Chanel knew how to design and construct a beautiful dress in the old days and they’re still doing it today. Even though a great design is timeless, I think it’s always best to seamlessly blend modern design with vintage.

Dresses aren’t the only way you can go vintage on your wedding day; and you should spend some time thinking about which time period you identify most with. For me, it’s the 20s and 30s. What a romantic time, filled with big changes and fluctuating hemlines! Art Deco was born and still influences all areas of design today. I’ve found a mixture of true vintage and modern vintage-style pieces to share with you. Enjoy!

Dresses designed by Valentino for Fall 2011.

Art Deco vintage jewelry from Isadora’s in Seattle.

Christian Louboutin clutch.

Christian Louboutin pumps.

Brooch bouquet by Croska at Etsy.

Wedding cake by The People’s Cake and Save the Date by Ceci New York.

Crystal and feather chandelier by Aria Style.

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