Fitness for Your Wedding: Mind, Body & Soul

It’s time to get in shape for your big day. But physical fitness isn’t the only thing brides should focus on before their wedding. Maintaining balance during one of the most exciting times of your life not only makes you healthier, it makes you more attractive.

Try this great mind exercise: Practice visualizing yourself walking down the aisle, completely calm, gorgeous and SMILING! Notice that everyone watching you is in awe at how radiantly beautiful you are, inside and out.

Meditation is wonderful for quieting the mind and reducing stress. It’s not as hard as you might think. It just takes practice, like everything else.

Getting in shape probably won’t take as long as you think if you’re committed to exercising on a regular basis. Invite your mom, aunts and bridesmaids along to make it more fun. I’ve got some great recommendations for getting in shape fast.

Boolates at Sassy Fit. Boolates combines the non-stop intensity of a boot camp class with the fluid, graceful movements of Pilates. After a warm-up, light band work is incorporated with standing and mat exercises to tone and define your arms, shoulders, legs, and core – without adding bulk. The ballet-inspired cardio bursts and continuous flow of exercises focus on lengthening, stretching, and utilizing the breath. This movement creates a dancer’s physique that you can’t accomplish from straight cardio or weight training workouts.

If you’re looking for a top-notch personal trainer, please give Shannon Gowens a call. She works at the Pro Sports Club in Bellevue and she’s the best I’ve found. Phone:425-869-4757 x7536.  Or you can email her at:

One of the new crazes in fitness right now is called CrossFit. It takes less time, about 20 minutes a day, and people are seeing great results. CrossFit Seattle can help you get in shape, fast.

Have you seen the new reality competition Shedding for the Wedding yet? If you haven’t, you should. It’s really inspiring and a nice, entertaining break from a stressful day. The contestants not only work out to lose weight, but also work to change their eating habits under the supervision of celebrity nutritionist Ashley Koff.

Speaking of nutrition, I’ve seen excellent results with the Weight Watchers program. Right now I have two clients who lost 15 pounds each! Jennifer Hudson is their new spokesperson and she looks amazing!

Don’t forget to do the things you love. Whether it’s painting, gardening, reading or people watching, do not neglect what you’re drawn to. Doing what you love makes you happy and happiness is beautiful. Are you thinking you don’t have time? That’s one more reason to hire a wedding planner. You deserve to sit back and really enjoy this process.

Maybe you’ve forgotten that you used to love playing tennis? Think about the physical activities or sports you loved as a kid and try them again. It’s much easier to get into shape when you’re having fun!

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