Aisle Runners

Aisle Runner Trends

Aisle runners are really popular this year. My trusted vendor is Original Runners in New York. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

Hand Crystaled Aisle Runners

Hand Crystaled Aisle Runners

These beautiful runners are not only custom designed, but each Swarovski crystal is placed by hand! Talk about getting the royal treatment for your wedding!

3D Petals Aisle Runners

How about a 3D Petals aisle runner? Original Runners builds these by hand too and will match your wedding colors.

Monogrammed Aisle Runners

Of course, there’s the monogrammed aisle runner. You can go with a modern look, like the hot pink and black design, or traditional, like this beautiful brown damask monogram.

Seasonal Aisle Runners

If you’re planning an autumn or winter wedding, you might want to go with a seasonal design.

Religious or Symbolic Aisle Runners

You can also create a custom religious or symbolic aisle runner.

Quote or Sayings Aisle Runners

Is there a certain quote that you and your fiancee love? Maybe it’s a bible verse, your favorite poem or song? Have a custom aisle runner made and have a keepsake that you’ll cherish forever.

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